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Lost & Found


Don’t let the bin win

We’re always on a mission to liberate any Anglepoise from landfill. Since 2020, every lamp has come with a lifetime guarantee, but we also carry recycled and re-engineered components from many of our vintage lamps too.

With that in mind, imagine seeing an old Anglepoise lamp on the street, heading for the bin. What would you do? Jeanne Duquenne, our Sales and Business Development Manager, found herself in this very situation not so long ago:

‘On the corner of my road, I spotted an Anglepoise, and took a closer look. It was in good condition for its age, with original fittings so I did what anyone working here would do! I handed it to my teammates in the Repair Centre, who gave it some TLC, it’s now back to doing what it’s made to do – casting a beautiful glow over my living room and whichever book I’m reading.’

If you’ve got a vintage Anglepoise at home, don’t let the bin win. Give the story a happy ending: head to our website and we’ll do our best to fix it – so that, like Jeanne, you can enjoy it for years to come.


Guaranteed for life