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Margaret Howell + Anglepoise: the ever popular collaboration extends to wall lights.

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Coming soon: we are pairing our coveted Margaret Howell colours with the equally loved Type 75 Mini Wall Light meaning you can adorn your walls with lights in Saxon Blue, Sienna and Yellow Ochre colours.

Anglepoise has a successful and long-standing relationship with the contemporary British clothing designer, spanning nearly twenty years. Our first collaboration of the limited-edition Type 3 Anglepoise in pale turquoise, originally launching in 2004, which was followed by the popular Type 75 collaboration in 2012. The current three colours are already available across desk and floor lamps, but this is the first time the partnership has designed a wall light together.

Margaret Howell has frequently championed the Anglepoise lamp, admiring the similar design qualities that are the essence of her men’s and women’s clothing: simplicity, functionality, authenticity, and timelessness. Anglepoise’s Type 75, designed in 2004 by British industrial product designer Sir Kenneth Grange, reinterprets the original 1930s Anglepoise design. Its clean lines combine with the perfect balance and range of movement made possible by the unique spring mechanism that defines the brand.

The Type 75 Wall Light – Margaret Howell Edition is priced at £100.00 in the UK and will be available from the end of June.

Trade partners, including the A&D community, specifiers and interior designers, interested in the Margaret Howell Wall Lights should contact their sales manager or email hello@anglepoise.com to find out more about stock availability.