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  • Describe News and Coffee in 3 words

  • Who, where and how did you come up with the concept?

    In Barcelona, observing the pessimism of the city: paper is dying, neighbourhoods life is dying as every daily ritual is shutting down, there are nothing for locals / everything is for tourists etc… we felt a call to action, as we were sitting on a lot of the tools to put together an antidote: we’re roasters, artists with access to a world wide range of incredible and unique titles, and we knew how to execute with confidence.
  • What’s your best selling item?

    Probably APARTAMENTO. Fun fact: they are based literally across the block patio from us.
  • How and why did you choose Anglepoise?

    Timeless classic. It brought another touch of class to the small space, and was bringing another level of curation: light.
  • What’s a pivotal value News and Coffee stands for?

    “Give a shit”. Do few things, do the things you care about and know how to do. Do them long enough, and people will recognize you for it. Success will eventually come, after consistency and hard work at perfecting your craft, no matter what it is.
  • Funniest News and Coffee encounter?

    We’re really trying to show our love for hip-hop and have been daydreaming about Hip-hop legends one day showing up at our micro lives, which we do from the newsstands and call LIVE! FROM NEWS & COFFEE. On the second time we were doing one, and still just messing around with the setup… Mos Def randomly walked by the newsstand! We are absolutely NOT ready for that, nor had much to show for, but we definitely took it for a sign that we had to carry on.
  • Who’s your dream customer?

    We already have them. Im not even being kitsch or gimmicky! Anytime we see someone in the street and think “that’s proper style” or “he/she’s cool”, they end up stopping by, have a chat and tell us to keep going.
  • What’s your biggest challenge?

    Growing, while protecting the soul of the project. Oh, and money.
  • What’s on News and Coffees bucket list?

    New York. The soul of the project belongs there.