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Punch Hole Workshop

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We were honored to support the Punch Room event this week, organised by Ankle Deep Studios and held at the fantastic Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. Claire Sambrook, Senior Lecturer at the University of Portsmouth was inspired after spotting one of Lucy Morrison’s pieces of work in a local coffee shop. After investigating the textural artform, she reached out to Lucy and invited her to teach the Illustration and the Fashion & Textiles students from the University of Portsmouth.

Organiser of the workshop, Claire says: “It was good to see students from different courses using their hands and creating work side by side not necessarily related to their disciplines. The dockyard was also the perfect setting seeped in traditional boat building and manufacturing heritage now focusing on including a new dynamic modern industrial offering for creatives and start-up’s. Ankle Deep is proud to be part of this journey”.

Lucy runs the Punch Room Instagram account, creating beautiful hand-made rugs made of colourful yarn. As well as creating and selling her work, Lucy also runs workshops sharing her passion for punching.

Our Joint Managing Director and supporter of the event, Simon says: “The best part was when two ladies, who were older than me, walked into the session off the street. I ended up showing them how to punch needle. Having learnt the process only 30 minutes earlier. Roles reversed, I am sure they could have taught me a thing or two about sowing or knitting. Conversation flowed. It was just a lovely thread of inter-generational exchange and I will treasure that moment.”

It was brilliant to be amongst many creative students who were also learning how to punch knit. The workshop was not only enjoyable but it will inform the students research and will contribute towards final major projects.