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We lit up Mexico


Maison Diez Company

Rodrigo Fernandez Barajas from Maison Diez Company has again worked his magic to create the 4th Maison Diez Company event, all under one roof. With two main themes for 2022, Colossal and The Achieves, it is a stunning showcase that is a must-visit for the industry and a buzzing hub of innovation and education.

Colossal: where brands show their biggest and brightest pieces. For Anglepoise, we have chosen the wall mounted Original 1227 Giant, which sits majestically as a display piece and has also become a meeting point for the various social events taking place.

The Archives: 100 years of lighting design all in one place, including what many consider the blueprint for task lighting – yes, our very own Original 1227 desk lamp.

Maison Diez, Mexico City
November 2022 – March 2023