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The Original 1227 User Guide - Part 3: Bedroom Lighting

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This is part 3 of a 5-part series of guides on using the iconic Original 1227™ range at home. Written by design writer Charlotte Abrahams. You can read part 1 here (Kitchen & Dining Room Lighting) and part 2 here (Living Room Lighting).

For general light, hang a statement pendant such as Original 1227™ Pendants from the ceiling and fit it with a low wattage bulb.

Bedside lights should be bright enough to enable you to read comfortably. The positioning is crucial – the light should be on your book rather than in your eyes – so make sure that the bottom of the shade is at eye level when you are sitting up. Style-wise, there are lots of options. For classic simplicity, the Original 1227™ Mini Table Lamp is hard to beat – especially since the pyramid based comes fitted with an integral switch. Or, if hotel-chic is more your style, try suspending a pair of Original 1227™ Pendants or mount some Original 1227™ Brass Wall Lights on either side of the bed. (This is also a great option in rooms where lack of space is an issue.)

Dressing tables should be lit horizontally rather than from above so as to avoid shadows. Spot lights with flexible shades are ideal. If your dressing table is near a wall, then go for a wall mounted version such as the Original 1227™ Brass Wall Light or the Original 1227™ Wall Mounted Lamp. If not, the Original 1227™ Mini Desk Lamp would work if you can spare the space or, alternatively, you could stand an Original 1227™ Floor Lamp to one side of the table and tilt the shade so that the light spreads across the surface.

A well-lit wardrobe is vital too if you are to avoid leaving the house in mismatched socks. These days fitted wardrobes often come integral LEDs, but if not, you can retro-fit it with an Original 1227™ Mini Wall Light. Cast light on free-standing wardrobes with a flexible wall mounted light such as the Original 1227™ Mini Wall Mounted Lamp.

Wall mounted lights are a safe and practical option in children’s rooms. The Original 1227™ Mini Wall Mounted Lamp can be adjusted to focus light wherever it is needed, while the super-sized Giant version would add a touch of wit and colour.