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Guaranteed for Life

An Anglepoise should be a constant companion, illuminating every corner of your everyday. That’s why all our new lights come with a lifetime guarantee.

We promise to do everything we can to keep your Anglepoise shining brightly and in good working order for as long as possible. So that it can stay out of landfill and continue to light up lives for generations to come.

How do I get a lifetime guarantee?

Our lifetime guarantee applies to all new Anglepoise lamps and lights bought from 2020 onwards. But if you bought one before then (or you’re the proud owner of one of our many vintage lamps that are still in use) our support team can still advise you on repairs and replacement parts.

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    Register the light of your life

    To activate your guarantee, we’ll need you to register it within 90 days of buying your Anglepoise. First, go on a small adventure to find your batch code. Depending on which product you’ve bought (a Type 75 pendant for example, or an Original 1227 desk lamp), the batch code might be on the box, inside the shade or on the base. You’ll need the model number, too, as well as the date you bought it. Ready? Register your guarantee
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    Need spares or repairs?

    After a while, we all need a tune-up. But the good news is, if your beloved Anglepoise lamp has lost its sparkle along the way, your lifetime guarantee also guarantees repairs for general wear and tear. For quick fixes you can do yourself, like replacing a missing screw or fitting a new spare part, we’ll send you what you need to get it working again. Help, I need a repair!
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    Talk to us

    Whether you have a lifetime guarantee or not, we can always give you advice and support on keeping your Anglepoise working. On our website you’ll see a Support button – click on it and type your question into the form on our Support page and you’ll get an automated response that will hopefully enlighten you. You can also find helpful FAQs or send a message via Live Chat. But if you want to speak to a real person, that’s fine, too – give us a call and we’ll see what we can do to help. Get in touch
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    The last resort: recycling

    If we really can’t fix your Anglepoise, we still want to make sure it doesn’t go into landfill. On the rare occasion that a lamp is beyond repair, please send it to us and we’ll make sure it’s responsibly recycled.
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    Got a vintage lamp? Don’t give up on it…

    Vintage lamps aren’t covered by our Lifetime Guarantee, but we’re still serious about keeping them out of landfill. We carry recycled and re-engineered parts and spares from vintage lamps up to 80 years old, but if a bit more TLC is needed, please send the lamp to us so that we can check whether we can repair it. There might be a charge depending on the age of the lamp and how long it might take to fix it, but we’ll let you know – and it might be a small price to pay to preserve an iconic piece of British design.

Term and Conditions

We want everyone to love their lamp for life , for full terms and conditions please click the link.

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