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Originality Deconstructed

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Palm Springs February 2023

Be Originals

We exhibited at this year’s Be Originals Americas: Originality Deconstructed. Anglepoise proudly presented the Anglepoise Original 1227 Giant Floor Lamp, typically deconstructed.

In amongst this capsule exhibition were leading product designs such as Herman Miller’s Eames chair and our Original 1227 Giant Floor Lamp. Be Originals celebrated the diversity of creative product design by ‘pulling back the curtain on the “how” and the “why.” exploring the different aspects and angles of production.

Our Americas Sales Manager, Rob Sargent says:

“The event was fantastic, to meet others in the industry who have a strong passion for authentic design was truly a joy . To see the original 1227 deconstructed was a welcomed visualization of the simplicity and quality that make our lamps reliable. I got lots of questions about the history of Anglepoise and our guarantee for life pledge.”

To connect with Rob – find him on LinkedIn