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Anglepoise + Paul Smith Launch Monochrome Pair

Building on their fruitful eight-year partnership, iconic British brand Anglepoise has once again teamed up with Paul Smith to release a collaboration collection of lamps. The new Edition Six in white, designed to accompany the all-black Edition Five, adds the Paul Smith Artist Stripe to Sir Kenneth Grange’s classic Type 75 silhouette, widely considered an icon of classic industrial design.

With its milk white finish and pastel graduated stripe, the Edition Six is a softer take on the Edition Five’s bold, bright palette and full black colour drench. Together, the lamps add another dimension to this ongoing partnership which now comprises six different designs, each one unmistakably Paul Smith, a designer renowned for his master of colour and signature use of stripes. Notably, Editions Five and Six are the first to bear the Paul Smith Artist Stripe, a design inspired by palettes in a painter’s workshop, and offer a sophisticated, minimal aesthetic.

Anglepoise + Paul Smith Editions Five and Six are designed to complement each other and look particularly striking when paired together. They are available as desk lamps in two different sizes as well as a floor lamp. For accessibility and ease of use the switch is integrated into the shade and both Editions boast black springs and fittings. Anglepoise + Paul Smith Edition Five is available now and Edition Six will be available at the beginning of September in the UK, USA and EU direct from anglepoise.com, paulsmith.com and selected retailers.

Photos: Matt Sills