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Design Principles

The Anglepoise lamp has always been rooted in design excellence. Its timeless form continues to delight the makers and the do-ers, providing focus and light just where and when it’s needed. But, while we are steeped in history, it’s the future that will define us for a new generation. Not only do we have a responsibility to be anti-disposability and pro-longevity, collaborations with some of the World’s leading designers, who share our values and design principles, also have a part to play in opening up Anglepoise to brand new audiences.

  • In everything we do we first understand why

    Our products look like they do because they solve a human problem, serving a purpose, fit for the task in hand.
  • It’s better to do one thing exceptionally well

    Focus brings learnings, experience and knowledge.
  • Durability is a joy

    We build using methods and materials that will last. Our products are guaranteed for life because we feel things should last a lifetime and beyond.
  • We create products that are responsive and encourage interaction

    We choose materials and details that invite the human touch, that are a pleasure to use. We design for elegance, proportion, balance and finger tip responsiveness.
  • We design to create a smile

    The objects that become treasured possessions in our lives, are the ones that somehow we become attached to – that make us smile.
  • We pursue openness

    We want everyone we interact with to feel part of us. We pursue feedback to learn, adapt and always improve everything we do. We foster collaborations with like minded partners, for the greater good.
  • Authenticity with delight

    We will remain true to our iconic heritage guided by the original principles and ideas that created the Anglepoise. But we will aim to constantly surprise and delight within that authentic vision. After all we do want to make people smile when using our products
  • Loved beyond a lifetime

    In short we are led by the overriding principle of taking The Long View and of growing a company and creating products that are built to last. Even to be loved, for a lifetime and beyond.

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