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It’s time to Adandon Darkness

Sustainability & Ethics

Many companies talk about sustainability, but at Anglepoise we’re building it into our product and our culture.  

We let go of anything that isn’t enduring. And it all starts with our lights. An Anglepoise lamp is designed to be a lifelong companion – not only as a piece of classic design, but as a useful addition to your life that is used and enjoyed every single day.  

We are the first to say that we are not perfect but we are on a journey; to be better today than yesterday. It’s part of our Abandon Darkness philosophy. 

Every Anglepoise is Guaranteed for Life

(and we mean life)

All new Anglepoise lamps bought since 2020 come with a lifetime guarantee, meaning that customers will always have access to expert help, spares and repairs to keep lights working until the next generation. Most importantly, this lifetime guarantee is about our commitment to the planet – these lamps are designed for life and destined to be heirlooms in the way that many of our vintage products already are.  

Repairs and Spares

Get It Fixed

We now carry more than 60 spare parts, so if your Anglepoise breaks, we will do our very best to repair it.  

We also re-engineer spare parts from discontinued designs, so that lamps that are almost 80 years old can still shine as brightly as the day they were made. At the moment, most spares are sent from the UK; the next challenge is to match this level of availability in other parts of the globe, starting with the US and EU.

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Help & Advice

Our technical guides and FAQs are designed to help you quickly diagnose any issues and get them fixed.

Not sure what’s wrong? Our repair team is always on hand for a chat


We’ve made huge steps forward in the last few years with our packaging, which is now 95% plastic-free (we’re working on the other 5%).

Polystyrene has been consigned to the past, thankfully, and the cardboard we use is recyclable. We have swapped single use plastic bags for compostable ones (these provide a protective barrier for parts of our lamp when they are in transit). We are aware that there can be issues with reusing compostable bags and can only advise you to check policies for these bags in your local area. 

Lamp screws and any supplied tools now come in a kraft paper envelope or, with some lamps, simply slot into the boxes themselves.   

*we’ve removed polystyrene packaging from our factories but there may still be lamps in stores or warehouses that have the old packaging for a while yet.  

Landfill fills us with horror


If all else fails and we really can’t breathe life back into you’re Anglepoise, you can send it back to us and we will responsibly recycle its components, reusing and repurposing whatever we can. 

Responsible Sourcing

Most Anglepoise products are made in China in our network of partner factories. Our Giant lamps are made in the UK. We use Tier 1 suppliers in Asia, which means we have more transparency on how our components are made and sourced.


We’re also a member of SEDEX, the world’s leading ethical trade organisation, which works to ensure better working conditions in global supply chains.  

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