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In Conversation With: Libby Hilling, a Forgotten Garden Awakens – 004

Nestled within the serene walls of a formerly unused garden, a transformative project is underway, led by Libby Hilling and a passionate team driven by a love for nature and community. This once-forgotten space at the Longstock Park Nursery, part of the Leckford Estate, is now being revitalised into a vibrant community garden


In Conversation With: James Otter, a Wooden Surfboard Maker – 003

My second exploration with like-minded creatives is with James Otter from Otter Surfboards. I first came across James’ work in his book Do Make: The power of your own two hands. The introduction was enough to completely blow my mind.


In Conversation With: Sir Kenneth Grange, an industrial designer – 001

Here we are at start of my ‘In Conversation…’ series with Sir Kenneth Grange, an industrial designer in conversation - 001. Where I chat to the makers and doers who have inspired me over the years.


News & Coffee

Anglepoise chatted to News & Coffee; a forward thinking, design inspired independent store plonked in the midst of London and Barcelona.


Meet the light that’s just your type

Our hearts skipped a beat when we saw this gorgeous extension featuring our Type 80 ceiling lights in Rose Pink. They're a perfect match for the blush pink velvet bar stools, and really pop against the deep navy paintwork.


A Designers Dream

New York-based illustrator and graphic designer Rob Wilson has worked for a host of clients including Design Within Reach, Dell and the Wall Street Journal


A Creative Collaborator

His letter speaks for itself, and as you can see, the Anglepoise is still giving him bright ideas. It just goes to show that our lamp really can be a lifelong companion.


The lamps sparking special memories

If you have a vintage Anglepoise that’s a family heirloom, remember, we’re here to take care of it. Our Customer Support team are usually the ones to hear first hand how much a dear lamp means to people.


Lost & Found

We’re always on a mission to liberate any Anglepoise from landfill. Since 2020, every lamp has come with a lifetime guarantee, but we also carry recycled and re-engineered components from many of our vintage lamps too.


The Anglepoise Way (Introduction)

Hear about our ethos and core values from John Purnell, which provide the stablest of bases to build upon. These values are the intangibles that are inherent and fundamental about us as individuals, and they form the core of the culture of Anglepoise the business.


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